IBU Gallery is dedicated to IBU's artworks and her personal artistic choices. An American of Ukrainian descent, artist and architect IBU identified herself by her initials. Her jewelry design and bronze functional sculptures focus on materials, and craftsmanship. IBU died in October 2002, but her work and artistic vision live on at IBU Gallery, located under the arcades of the Palais Royal gardens in Paris. Following her footsteps, IBU Gallery also shows works by artists who share common sensibilities and sources of inspiration. Jewelry designers include Ted Muehling, Gabriella Kiss, Jean Grisoni, Alina Alamoréan. Lee Ufan, Ellen Carey, Lee Bae, Pascal Dombis, Nam Tchun Mo, Antoine Tarot, Kim Chun Hwan, Athéna U. Poilâne are painters, photographers, sculptors IBU Gallery exhibits in conversation with IBU’s creations. Art furniture and art objects by Eric Schmitt, Christophe Côme, Annick Tapernoux, Sebastian Menschhorn have also trusted us with their work. Each artist was chosen for the dialogue their pieces have with IBU's artwork.